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Players with more than 1 hour online on this server.

Name Update Time online Wins   Dedimania statistics
ASKAARON  2022-05-26  25h 18m 22s25  Show statistics
  PiCKER  2022-05-11  47h 25m 10s5  Show statistics
γѕ-τρ»Eder  2022-04-23  2h 5m 44s7  Show statistics
Lux*GG  2022-04-21  39h 27m 56s138  Show statistics
аія.ЄмιхХ.  2022-04-21  3h 0m 14s8  Show statistics
» Kavkis...  2022-04-11  20h 0m 29s13  Show statistics
Yanamo!  2022-03-14  3h 18m 57s0  Show statistics
CLOOSEN  2022-01-06  95h 1m 50s52  Show statistics
ְ้ ֱ๊ ֲ ์ֳ๋ ִ ֵ่็ ֶ ַ.hm  2022-01-03  1h 2m 33s0  Show statistics
TnTのiהgò.Ó  2021-12-31  17h 42m 42s20  Show statistics
alexunf  2021-12-04  7h 2m 45s11  Show statistics
SegelSichi  2021-11-08  7h 41m 23s0  Show statistics
»ΛІіеח°NSX  2021-10-23  1h 17m 4s1  Show statistics
GBO  2021-09-18  10h 50m 20s0  Show statistics
Monique007  2021-09-06  7h 33m 34s7  Show statistics
lorenzo  2021-09-06  1h 28m 21s7  Show statistics
๏รค๓ค๒เภłlค๓ค.  2021-09-06  16h 2m 32s38  Show statistics
TerryBacon  2021-08-07  6h 33m 28s34  Show statistics
EXDědek Bertino  2021-08-07  3h 30m 50s5  Show statistics
Dynf »  Star_Fighter²  2021-08-01  1h 0m 45s7  Show statistics
cooly568  2021-07-12  11h 0m 22s49  Show statistics
dacothedragon  2021-07-12  12h 34m 0s54  Show statistics
stovemeerkat  2021-07-07  1h 22m 49s0  Show statistics
[〒Bฝ〒]  ฿Ѻメチ尺ェイ乙  2021-06-20  1h 2m 7s0  Show statistics
_qr  2021-06-16  3h 0m 55s0  Show statistics
fвĭ»Ŋѯף𠻍ǻưפзņ¡ӝ« #fcsp  2021-06-08  1h 8m 55s3  Show statistics
BazookaBruno  2021-06-06  1h 3m 34s0  Show statistics
|lDgAl| ИैaHCॆo3  2020-10-28  2h 42m 34s0  Show statistics
ミ Lilly ミ ฟß  2020-10-02  1h 27m 50s5  Show statistics
SimnLuck  2020-10-02  1h 9m 9s7  Show statistics
Seto  2020-07-22  1h 6m 38s0  Show statistics
sieben7ieben  2020-06-14  2h 20m 33s0  Show statistics
ғвו » Ðя๏мιι  2020-05-03  13h 54m 23s39  Show statistics
johnyhyper  2020-01-27  54h 5m 16s4  Show statistics
ΚŖΖŶСНΘЯ  2020-01-22  2h 25m 27s0  Show statistics
Ғαи-αтικ» ĐeđmicӃ  2019-10-18  34h 12m 55s36  Show statistics
QuinX  2019-10-15  1h 56m 3s0  Show statistics
七一リク  2019-09-06  4h 6m 38s3  Show statistics
¬UD»immy  2019-09-05  5h 59m 39s26  Show statistics
Ǥ J  2019-08-30  1h 21m 52s0  Show statistics
paХ» τέяяу  2019-01-24  1h 14m 20s5  Show statistics
[NFC]*Zarock  2018-12-25  4h 16m 57s22  Show statistics
poiss  2018-10-14  2h 47m 48s1  Show statistics
grandkommodore  2018-04-08  2h 11m 49s0  Show statistics
baumlel  2018-04-05  1h 11m 9s1  Show statistics
AnteKK  2018-04-05  1h 10m 40s11  Show statistics
[CMC]radPL*GG  2017-09-16  2h 41m 4s10  Show statistics
эmary ¬тнו  2017-09-16  1h 24m 25s4  Show statistics
ΜΧ»םмฬ  2017-09-16  1h 3m 32s0  Show statistics
ιη'''ΗοΙΙοώΒΙοοδ  2017-08-11  2h 2m 16s9  Show statistics
davidegiacomo  2017-08-03  4h 52m 37s3  Show statistics
TriΔForce〢ögge  2017-07-28  1h 6m 33s6  Show statistics
мх» Ð¼areline  2017-07-28  2h 59m 38s1  Show statistics
 Â»Ð¼Ñ”с¬Besaker〢ѕаχ  2017-07-28  3h 10m 34s19  Show statistics
ΞβΩΠβΞ Tiger  2017-07-28  1h 20m 16s9  Show statistics
_|-Ғレąмęđ®ąмøŊ|-_  2017-07-22  1h 4m 51s4  Show statistics
pimtabak  2017-06-29  2h 2m 21s2  Show statistics
Abs0l  2017-06-29  1h 10m 36s6  Show statistics
穆斯 MooX  2017-05-24  3h 4m 53s9  Show statistics
Keltriss  2017-05-24  3h 2m 22s18  Show statistics
Gratter DéDé  2017-05-10  1h 3m 18s2  Show statistics
Burger  2017-04-21  2h 27m 58s7  Show statistics
LaptoPP  2017-04-21  1h 1m 50s0  Show statistics
fвĭ Å´Î­Å–ήi  2017-04-21  89h 56m 1s73  Show statistics
ναλєиτιи  2017-04-15  2h 16m 34s11  Show statistics
2000  2017-04-07  1h 53m 0s0  Show statistics
fвĭ Ã´Â¿Ã”  2017-04-06  6h 47m 43s45  Show statistics
rummy  2017-04-04  1h 4m 42s0  Show statistics
FT»0Mandark  2017-01-21  1h 35m 40s5  Show statistics
FT»rlolig  2017-01-21  1h 36m 1s2  Show statistics
FT»Rast  2017-01-21  5h 52m 13s33  Show statistics
Ŗ丁ğ14  2017-01-12  18h 45m 38s8  Show statistics
Andre89  2016-12-26  4h 39m 43s0  Show statistics
attakijing  2016-11-05  4h 3m 11s3  Show statistics
 Kevin Ryman  2016-05-15  4h 32m 5s0  Show statistics
Scarjoe  2016-03-31  71h 38m 53s47  Show statistics
{BP}DeJaMo  2016-03-28  47h 3m 15s3  Show statistics
Qλ~Sonni  2015-12-25  8h 51m 27s1  Show statistics
דบгЪσ  2015-08-14  1h 13m 20s0  Show statistics
Rylond  2015-08-10  1h 0m 55s1  Show statistics
『ѵเр』gαятєηzαυη«  2015-07-29  1h 13m 50s8  Show statistics
Ice.fxcycle  2015-07-14  2h 33m 30s2  Show statistics
Heidebremser  2015-06-20  82h 55m 54s20  Show statistics
guardo87  2015-03-16  1h 34m 41s0  Show statistics
ninjaline  2015-02-23  1h 1m 37s5  Show statistics
Shyani  2015-02-23  1h 1m 39s5  Show statistics
ΕףυιΙιвяιυм1305  2015-01-29  2h 8m 26s10  Show statistics
(ノ`Д´)ノ ~ â€“'––'–  2015-01-29  1h 59m 34s5  Show statistics
[NFC]*Dieger  2015-01-29  1h 6m 18s3  Show statistics
platinum  2015-01-03  2h 54m 46s0  Show statistics
ccheval  2014-11-22  5h 13m 53s0  Show statistics
t©mmes66  2014-11-07  1h 37m 27s0  Show statistics
zajzee  2014-11-03  1h 17m 46s0  Show statistics
E  2014-10-21  1h 7m 23s2  Show statistics
[NFC]*Hawk  2014-09-07  1h 6m 32s0  Show statistics
[NFC]*Thorty  2014-09-07  1h 12m 3s3  Show statistics
ramon  2014-08-27  25h 29m 19s36  Show statistics
 VIVO³  2014-08-10  1h 19m 31s9  Show statistics
 TOBI  2014-08-10  1h 16m 50s2  Show statistics
Cemballo  2014-06-22  2h 36m 32s10  Show statistics
spudpower  2014-06-13  2h 11m 56s4  Show statistics
〆MunOЯツ  2014-06-09  2h 22m 28s3  Show statistics
»Gaspacio  2014-06-02  3h 18m 30s1  Show statistics
BeWiLo  2014-05-01  1h 21m 23s0  Show statistics
° ã¤ Â° LIME  2014-04-14  1h 15m 59s4  Show statistics
fвĭ»ĹĒĠѺじαS  2014-02-11  3h 11m 40s17  Show statistics
fвĭ Â» CiCer〄  2014-02-06  1h 42m 45s7  Show statistics
Oschi  2014-02-02  5h 48m 7s17  Show statistics
Sanchèz  2014-01-25  3h 24m 57s7  Show statistics
McBob  2014-01-24  1h 8m 18s4  Show statistics
0199907  2014-01-11  1h 11m 51s0  Show statistics
»мєс¬xWare  2013-11-18  1h 9m 20s0  Show statistics
=FGD=  Hobbit  2013-11-12  1h 13m 32s0  Show statistics
fifty fifty  2013-09-05  4h 18m 37s2  Show statistics
»ғјכ«Кęкş  2013-07-09  2h 18m 30s3  Show statistics
SMEERKÄAS  2013-06-02  7h 32m 55s1  Show statistics
toby_snow  2013-05-13  2h 9m 42s0  Show statistics
ป尺ģ๏2  2013-03-24  40h 50m 16s23  Show statistics
lorddelle  2013-02-14  6h 26m 58s2  Show statistics
IconicΡϊяλΤΣ Ferrari  2013-02-10  1h 1m 59s0  Show statistics
cפםмаŗטŝ  2012-12-23  2h 53m 19s8  Show statistics
MIHAIL  2012-12-23  2h 24m 39s17  Show statistics
lukas0802  2012-11-30  1h 2m 44s2  Show statistics
babeek1222  2012-11-27  1h 16m 37s1  Show statistics
Σггøг  2012-11-25  1h 25m 14s2  Show statistics
jonski98  2012-11-24  2h 10m 7s4  Show statistics
julianfritz  2012-11-24  2h 4m 49s4  Show statistics
fвĭ Â»ÎœÓ‘ќқii«  2012-09-04  8h 45m 25s16  Show statistics
TeXaS  2012-09-03  2h 49m 53s6  Show statistics
ΔГИО  2012-09-01  1h 36m 55s2  Show statistics
AinsiSoitil!  2012-05-30  1h 16m 49s0  Show statistics
minoomirk  2012-04-22  1h 6m 36s0  Show statistics
fвĭ»TurboHorstŦяŤ  2012-04-21  1h 22m 13s1  Show statistics
The ForstHorst  2012-03-01  1h 12m 7s0  Show statistics
saxe19  2012-02-10  1h 1m 17s0  Show statistics
Exo-Cide  2011-11-29  1h 27m 33s3  Show statistics
Aaron  2011-10-08  1h 7m 6s1  Show statistics
62vonfunsch  2011-10-03  1h 36m 10s0  Show statistics
king_flix  2011-09-26  1h 16m 3s1  Show statistics
crash  X  2011-09-21  2h 5m 49s0  Show statistics
〔スキル〕HKZ  2011-08-28  5h 5m 46s12  Show statistics
<귀빈>GD-&-T.O.P ìš¸ë¦¬  2011-08-23  1h 11m 8s1  Show statistics