Speedsters World TMO
Welcome to another Trackmania United Forever server, which i run for Speedster: Germany>North Rhine-Westphalia>Cologne>Speedsters World or via direct link: tmtp://#join=askaaronspeedster

Maybe you would also like to visit my "official" web site at http://arnowelzel.de

This server uses XAseco with Dedimania, where you can use a number of special chat commands - for example:

/helpall - shows a list of available commands.
/server - show current server status.

Please note: If you don't drive for more than three maps, while you are online, you will automatically get kicked by the server.

If you miss a track on the server, please tell an admin or me (mail) the ID at TMX (http://www.tm-exchange.com).

Server statistics on Dedimania

If JavaScript is enabled the server status below will automatically update every 10 seconds.

Local time:  2017-10-24 / 05:49:44 CEST
Server uptime:  9d 19h 3m 52s
Tracks online:  615
Current track:  Baby Track 19 (Speed)
Players total:  2476
Players online:  (No one online right now)